Mark Langston

B. Ashington, Northumberland, England.

Newcastle College - Foundation 2011

Camberwell College of Arts - BA Drawing 2012-2015

Royal College of Art - Moving Image (Awarded full Scholarship) 2015-2017

I am an Artist, Writer and Filmmaker who's practice is concerned with storytelling and unpicking and retying narrative threads from the past and the present in engaging and surprising ways.

My work combines surreal and intense clashes and merges of documentary, cinema, dark comedy and installation. Often with a DIY approach and North East wit.

I am concerned with social history and dialect, folklore, hauntology and regionalism, national histories, how we relate to our environment and the alienation found in 21st century life.

Medieval rebels are brought back to life through Zero Hours cleaners, Giant worms invade cosy villages, cast aside young people re-cast as quasi shakespearian figures interrogating national symbols, it's all there in my work, have a look.


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