Red Dagger

A Zero Hours ghost story.

'In 1381 the first great popular rebellion in English History occurred in London, what is now known as The Peasants Revolt. The revolt was sparked by years of economic hardship and the imposition of an unjust poll tax. 

The Peasants marched on London from Kent and Essex, eventually receiving an audience with the young King Richard, however their leader Wat Tyler was stabbed to death by the mayor of London and the revolt quashed. 

The Red Dagger which features on the coat of arms of London is said to come from this event and serves as a memorial to it's failure.'

In this Film, locations of significant events during the 1381 London Peasants Revolt are re-traced 636 years later through the nightly commutes of a Zero Hours contract agency worker, working in irregular cleaning, catering and waiting jobs struggling with the economic hardship of working under such a system.

The near mythic figure of Wat Tyler is 're-imagined' as a young man in present day London, experiencing the nighttime city through these perambulations, a drudge dèrive through the contemporary and historical Psychogeography of London through which these twin narratives intertwine within the film.


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