'Feels like we're at the end of something, but not quite at the beginning of something else'

In 2015 Alcan Aluminium closed in Northumberland, this event corresponding with the long standing de-industrialisation of the region  contributed in part to both a lack of jobs and identity for the younger generation growing up in the North East area.

This short film takes you on a journey to the post-industrial east coast of Northumberland, exploring the history and present concerns of the area through an exploration of both archive footage taken from 100 years of Mining history inter woven with a contemporary narrative inspired in part by the rich history of socially conscious film making in the North East by radical organisations such as 'Amber Films'. This short film seeks to re-ignite this tradition and examines some of the techniques employed by Amber.


Shown as part of the Borrowed Time Exhibition Film and Video Umbrella, Jerwood Space.

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